New blog, new purpose

Just a quick introductory post to this new blog. I’m going to be concentrating this blog on developer “stuff” for the most part. One thing I’ve noticed in going over various blogs is you get some of the story, but not necessarily all of it. I’m going to try and correct that, but I figure I’ll slip up every now and then, so please feel free to tell me if there’s a detail missing.

Basically, beyond a repository that others can use to find things, I’m hoping to use this as a personal “how do you do that” to act as a reference in the future. I will say this will primarily concentrate on Sitecore, as that’s my target CMS right now, but if I come across something handy for Umbraco, Episerver, or general .NET/SQL/HTML/CSS/JS/etc, I’ll drop it in.

I’m still learning a lot of the more “modern” Sitecore techniques, such as Helix, Unicorn, Leprechaun, and the like. As I learn, I’ll explain things as I understand them, and I welcome discussion. It’ll also serve as incentive to work through things and get the “wrench-time” in figuring the stuff out.

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