Fallback and Enforcing Version in Sitecore

I ran into an issue today trying to get proper versioning to work correctly in Sitecore, and got an answer on Sitecore StackExchange. I thought I’d expand on the setup a bit, and go into my default arrangement for a base template. There are two kinds of fallback available in Sitecore, items and fields, applying

Installing Solr for Sitecore with OpenJDK

I’m going to go into a post about installing Sitecore for local development in a later post (because it seems to be a good warmup post to get into Sitecore blogging!) but I thought I’d start with something that’s been covered, installing Solr, with a topic that’s not as discussed, using OpenJDK. OpenJDK is, as

Sitecore resources to get you started

Traditionally, Sitecore hasn’t been the easiest CMS to get into if you’re not working for a partner or with a client that has a Sitecore license already. Without a license, Sitecore won’t run and you’ll get a YSOD error screen. Also, getting the Sitecore CMS software isn’t the easiest either, as you need access to

New blog, new purpose

Just a quick introductory post to this new blog. I’m going to be concentrating this blog on developer “stuff” for the most part. One thing I’ve noticed in going over various blogs is you get some of the story, but not necessarily all of it. I’m going to try and correct that, but I figure I’ll